Please take a moment to become a 2020 Highland Hawks Family Member! Being a Hawks Family Member means you are helping support not only your player, but the team as a whole, as we soar to success in 2020!

The success of our team and our boys comes at a cost. The cost to support 3 football teams and programs in achieving their goals is approximately $1,000.00 per player. This calculation does NOT include:

  • Coach Farrel’s Summer Camp
  • The $100 Athletic Fee that is payed to the school
  • Or the cost for the away game held in Utah August 28th (which all need to be paid separately).

We recognize that everyone’s situation is different but ask that each family pay what they can afford and do all that they can to help support the team financially and through volunteering. We believe the saying “Many hands make light work!” WE NEED YOU!